Lawn & Yard Maintenance in Chico, CA

Tending to your lawn is hard work and takes a lot of time. Instead of spending countless weekend hours maintaining your property, give Bruce’s Lawn Care a call and get complete yard care service in Chico, Barber, or Butte County, CA! We combine all of our lawn maintenance services into a convenient, all-in-one weekly visit, so you get the most out of your lawn all season long. Our abilities include:
Lawn Care Service

Lawn Mowing

A great-looking lawn is the cornerstone of any beautiful property. Our lawn mowing and lawn edging services are designed to cut your grass to the perfect level and ensure uniformity across your property, so it grows lush and green all season long.


As the premier lawn trimming service in Chico, CA, we don’t cut corners when it comes to trimming your edges. Look for us to deliver crisp lines that make your lawn a stand-out example of excellence.

Shrub and Bush Care

Our team has experience caring for all types of shrubs and bushes. Call us to trim crepe myrtles and rose bushes, as well as cut back bushes that are becoming a little too overgrown. We also tackle bigger projects, like tree pruning.

Weed Control

An essential part of lawn care is weed control. When patches of pesky weeds start cropping up on your land, get in touch with us to eliminate them and make sure they don’t come back.


We offer fertilization services by special request only and will tailor the application around your property’s unique needs.

Questions about any of the yard maintenance services listed above? Don’t be afraid to contact us about special needs or to get more information about any of the services we offer.

Weed Control

Our Equipment

A quality lawn care job is part professional know-how, part equipment. We bring both to every job site. The equipment we use allows us to work quicker and better when it comes to lawn maintenance in Chico, CA, so you can see the benefits when we’re done. Some of the equipment we utilize includes:

  • 36″ Stander lawn mower
  • 21″ Honda Pull mower
  • 32″ Toro walk-behind

For more information about our lawn care capabilities or to set up weekly scheduled service for your lawn, contact us today at 530-520-3472.